Design & Deployment Services

The best networks are designed first and built second. Unfortunately this doesn’t always happen.

Photo of HP Server Switch Rack

Scaleable I.T. uses best practices refined over time to assess the current environment, design a cost effective solution, implement the solution and provide post project support.

Scaleable I.T. uses a four step process to deliver solutions to our clients:

  1. Discover - We will analyze your current network environment to fully understand how it operates, its weaknesses and its strengths.
  2. Design - Based on information gathered during the discovery and meetings with you and your team, we'll design a customized solution to meet the needs of your company.
  3. Implement - During this phase the designed solution will be reviewed, modified and finally adopted. The solution is then implemented into your environment with a focus on reducing disruptions where possible.
  4. Support - Once a new solution is in place, Scaleable I.T. will be there to assist you with any questions related to using and maintaining the new solution.