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Firewall / Security Solutions

In any network, the first line of defense against outside threats should be a solid firewall solution.

FireEye Email Threat Prevention

FireEye Email Threat PreventionOrganizations face an ever-increasing number of threats from email based spam, viruses, and advanced threats. Email-based attacks, in particular spear phishing, remain one of the primary methods used to initiate an advanced persistent threat (APT) attack because of the complexity involved in detecting them. Organizations To protect against malicious emails, organizations simply route messages to the Email Threat Prevention Cloud. The cloud analyzes the emails for spam and known viruses first. It then uses the signature-less FireEye Multi-vector Virtual Execution (MVX)™ engine to analyze every attachment and URL to detect threats and stop APT attacks in real time. Call today to find out how FireEye ETP can help protect your company from Ransomware and other threats.

WatchGuard Technologies

Photo of Firebox xCore Security

Scaleable I.T. relies its network resources on firewalls from WatchGuard Technologies. Offering devices with a solid hardware platform designed to fit any size network and backed by their industry leading LiveSecurity Service, WatchGuard is sure to have the right firewall to secure your network. Worried about outgrowing your firewall? Most WatchGuard firewalls are model-upgradeable allowing you to increase performance, capacity, and security as your needs grow. Call and ask to speak with one of Scaleable I.T.’s WatchGuard Certified Sales Professionals today.

Security has always been important. Unfortunately many network administrators don’t give it a second thought. "No one will go after a small company like ours, they’ll attack the big ones". Famous last words. A big part of protecting your network involves installing newly released security patches.

Don’t have time to walk around to all of your workstations and install new "critical" updates? Scaleable I.T. can help. Using free software from Microsoft, we can help you automate the distribution of security patches outside of normal business hours. Your users won't even know the updates were installed, but they will have the benefit of their protection.

Firebox® X Core™: Intelligent Layered Security

Firebox X Core: Intelligent Layered Security Diagram

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