Remote IT Maintenance Service in Edmonton

Whether you want us to take a look at your current network environment and give you an evaluation of where you stand, or you want someone to come out and troubleshoot your current network issues. Our Network Analysts have a proven track record of delivering professional services that assure our client’s satisfaction. Scaleable I.T. Solutions is a company where customer service still exists. Tired of being just another customer?

Give us a chance to put our expertise to work for you, and you will see how we treat all our customers as unique individuals. Select from one of our services on the right for more information. Don't see the service your company needs listed? Feel free to contact us; we may still be able to help.

Scaleable IT Solutions

Network Support & Maintenance

Today’s networks are becoming increasingly complex. Whether your network is encountering a problem or you want to avoid one, Scaleable I.T. can help.

Be it a hardware failure or a software crash; our experienced Network Analysts have the skills to diagnose it quickly and efficiently.

Network maintenance is more important now than ever. Can your business afford to have unscheduled downtime? Regular proactive maintenance helps to keep your network running the way it should and reduces lost productivity caused by unexpected downtime.

Design & Deployment Services

The best networks are designed first and built second. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always happen. Scaleable I.T. uses best practices refined over time to assess the current environment, design a cost-effective solution, implement the solution,

and provide post-project support. Scaleable I.T. uses a four-step process to deliver solutions to our clients:


We will analyze your current network environment to understand how it operates, its weaknesses, and its strengths.


Based on information gathered during the discovery and meetings with you and your team, we'll design a customized solution to meet the needs of your company.


During this phase, the designed solution will be reviewed, modified, and finally adopted. The solution is then implemented into your environment with a focus on reducing disruptions where possible.


Once a new solution is in place, Scaleable I.T. will be there to assist you with any questions related to using and maintaining the new solution.

Contract I.T. Services

Whether your company is looking to offload some of the I.T. administration or you find your company short-handed, we can provide seamless support services to fill in for you.

Scaleable I.T.’s Network Analysts have experience working in a wide variety of environments. Be it for a few hours or a few weeks, and we'll be there to lend our expertise where needed. For more information, please call (780) 577-1400 or use our contact page.

Remote Support / Maintenance

IT problems can be notoriously frustrating, especially for companies that rely heavily on their digital work. Scaleable IT Solutions helps you get back on track as quickly as possible with our remote IT maintenance service in Edmonton. Instead of driving all the way to your location for an on-site visit, we’ll work with you over the phone to speed up the service time.

We can even remotely access most of your servers, workstations, and devices to troubleshoot and solve the issue in a timely manner.

Plus, we offer remote scheduled maintenance to ensure that your IT tools stay up to date and run at all times. And we can monitor for any alerts that may indicate future failures so that we catch any issues before they arrive. This saves you money and time in the long run because you avoid costly downtime and larger crashes.

If you want to learn more about our remote IT maintenance, give us a call today.

Scaleable IT Solutions